Swiss grown. Certified organic.
we produce high quality hemp products in various forms
full customization and high purity forms available
Full vertical control.
we participate hands-on in every step of the production from seedling to extract
Quality with care.
highly concentrated plant material allows for more scrutiny
Supreme quality/price.
efficient production methods result in exceptional value

Natural. Organic. Sustainable.

Swiss grown. Certified organic

We are a Swiss manufacturer of cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids containing finished and semi-finished goods. All of our cannabinoids are produced compliant to BIO Suisse, the organic farming association of Switzerland. Our product range extends from processed raw material to refined extracts and oils. We also offer tailor made solutions to meet special requirements. Whether it is for the needs of pharmaceutical or nutraceutical industry we meet exceptionally high quality standards coupled with competetive pricing.

The highest cannabidiol values

Here at Opencrop we put the plant, Cannabis sativa, at the center of the attention. We only qualify cultivars best suited for cannabinoid extraction. We employ phenotypes that produce the highest CBD concentrations measured thus far, reaching above 20%.

In compliance with the U.S. and European statutes for THC

Our strains have been assayed for low tetrahydrocannabinol content and they meet the U.S. definition for hemp. Our extracts and oils have a tetradydrocannabinol level consistently below 0,2% and they comply with the American and European statutes for hemp.

Opening the data

We at Opencrop promote transparency and think that it is beneficial for all parties if we provide our customers with all our documentation of every relevant production stage.

About Opencrop

Opencrop is a Swiss manufacturer of cananbidiol and other cannabinoids containing products. We are proud to be the only certified organic producer of cannabidiol products in Switzerland. Swiss organic farming regulation are extremely stringent ensuring the highest quality grade for the consumers.

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Natural. Organic. Sustainable.